Sunday, December 19, 2010

Well-Loved BumGenius Elementals(BGE) ♥

         A few weeks ago Cotton Babies had their "Cyber Monday" sale which consisted of BG 3.0 seconds, Flip seconds, Econobum Seconds, Prefold seconds, "Well Loved" BG OS and Elementals, and "Last Chance" Elementals. "Well Loved" Elemental cloth diapers mean that they are used diapers, most likely in need of repair, could have holes in the cotton inners, bad aplix (velcro), and maybe cracked snaps, but functional. At the time of purchase you do not know what you are getting. They give you these descriptions so that you know what you are buying.

        BumGenius Elementals usually retail at $25.00, but for the "Well Loved" Elemental sale, they offered them 4 for $16 (no tax and free shipping). That is a wonderful deal!! These sales go quick and usually happen in the middle of the night when Cotton Babies send out their news letter. So I acted fast. My intentions were to purchase these diapers and practice on my sewing machine. When I received them, they were in great working order, almost perfect! Only one of them had shot aplix, which was fine with me. I expected the worst!

       All-in-all I am very pleased with my purchase and would like to share pictures of my diapers. Buying "Well Loved" diapers from Cotton Babies is great if you are crafty and are strapped for cash. *Note- It is not nasty because they hae to be clean and free of stink before Cotton Babies will buy them back from a customer. You do wash them once you receive them just to be sure! (I washed them 4 times)

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