Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fluffy Laundry ♥

           I'm in love with fluff so much that I had to do a post about my wash routine! We all have our favorite detergents, or maybe multiple ones that do different jobs. My favorites are Rockin' Green Soap and Country Save. Rockin' Green rocks at beating ammonia (while smelling delicious!),while Coutry Save karate chops stains. They are both natural with no additives, so they are completly cloth diaper safe!

          Great things about Rockin' Green Soap are that is doesn't build up on your diapies (it is a none sudding formula), makes them ammonia free, customizes it's formula according to your water type, and comes in lovely smelling flavors. My favorite so far is Motley Clean, but to be honest I like them all. I live in San Diego, and my local cloth diaper store happens to be the headquarters of Happy Heiny's, so they carry Rockin' Green. I love that I can just go down the road and get it.

          Country Save was the first detergent I ever tried for cloth diapers. I loved it from the start! The way I wash diapers, it comes out smelling like nothing (the best way they can ever smell!) and for the most part stain-free, sunning does the rest. It's kind of a pain to order, because so far I have only found one place that carries it. On the plus side they do have free shipping, but I'm the kind of mom who cuts it close. The reason I also started using Rockin' Green, was because I had a small leak issue caused by build-up. No problem with Rockin' Green, you just "Rock-A-Soak" and you are done.

          My current wash routine took a while to find, after tons of questions on Diaper Swappers. I have a frontloader, so it's a bit of a pain but at least it gets the job done. I got the best wash routine that works for my frontloader on Rockin' Green's website "How to Rock-a-Frontloader". My routine is as follows (tweeked just a little bit from the website):
-NO DETERGENT-Put on the Rinse-Spin cycle twice, each time with the 2nd rinse option (to make sure my frontloader doesn't cheat me on the amount of water I need). Temp. needs to be cold/cold.
-Add 2 tbs. of Rockin' Green or half of a scoop of Country Save.
-Choose the Whitest Whites cycle on hot/cold temp. with the pre-wash and 2nd rinse option.
-If their are any bubbles (I never have any), rinse until gone.
Drying routine:
-Dry inserts,doublers, prefolds, and cloth wipes on high temp for 55 minutes.
-Air or Low dry pockets, PUL covers, and AIOs for 30 minutes.

         I love my wash routine! It's what works best for our diapies. The best fact of all is that it's natural! I also LOVE to take fluffy pics, so I thought why not take fluffy laundry pics!? So to see what my fluffy laundry usually consists of, here ya go!

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