Friday, December 17, 2010

Cloth Addiction♥

     Hi! So this is my blog introduction! My name is Amber and yes I have a slight cloth diaper addiction. A little information about me other than the obvious is that I am married to the most wonderful man in the world and have the best baby girl anyone could ever ask for. I am a "Stay At Home Mom" with a small reception job on the side. I am hoping to start a small business soon, just to fund my hobbies and to share some of my work. I love to knit and sew, although I am a beginner at both. I knit simple things like blankets and scarves, but I am learning. I'm still young so I have time.

     My cloth diapering addiction started almost instantly after I found out I was expecting. I got pregnant at a young age, so most of my friends had no idea what cloth diapering was, or if they did, they didn't believe in it. My husband actually came up with the idea. I was up for anything so I immediatly wanted to take it on. I started out like almost all beginners with no clue how to start out, with Gerber prefolds (yuck!). As I got more into the pregnancy, I found a forum on accident called Diaper Swappers, and I fell in love. Mamas on their help me ALL the time. Anytime I have a question, they almost immediatly have an answer. It was a great way for me to get cheap deals for diapers. The forum also led me to great stores like Cotton Babies and Mami's and Papi's!

     My little one is almost 3 months and I absolutly ♥♥♥ cloth diapering her. It's a special bond that we have created. I actually love washing them too, that may seem weird but I do! My favorite hobby is probably sharing what I know about cloth diapers, although most of my friends do not cloth diaper and could care less, BUT they listen anyways (or pretend too). I love cloth diapering so much, that before I wanted to have only have 2 kids, but now I am most certain that I want 3 (if my husband will agree haha)!!! I can not wait until my sister-in-law or my best friend gets prego, so I can convence them to cloth diaper, shouldn't be hard because they are a hippies like me! It is kind of sad because I already have 3 wishlists on Mami's and Papi's consisting of nothing but cloth diaper products for showers for my non-cd'ing friends, cd'ing friends, and myself. All these facts (plus the extra time on my hands, of course) have inspired me to create a blog, so here I am!

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