Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Teething Baby ♥

     So there are many ways and many products out there to help teething babies. One of my favorites so far is the Inspired by Finn baltic amber teething necklace! After hearing many great review from Mamas about the necklace, I decided to give it a whirl! My little girl is only 3 months, and is already showing signs of teething! She is always drooling none stop and wanting to suck on my fingers and hers.
     My plan was to purchase the necklace for my little girl for Christmas, but it just couldn't wait that long. It already helps so much! Some examples of how it helps her (when she wears it most of the day, besides sleeping and bathing) is that she has longer, more peaceful naps, sucks on her fingers less, and is all around a happier baby. I get the best results when I keep it close to her warm skin. When she wears clothes, I just tuck it on the inside of her shirt.

     More information about their necklaces and about baltic amber in general can be found here and can be purchased here. They also have a flat rate of $1.95 to ship their jewelry!

          As I receive more products to help with her teething, I will review them in another post. Currently I have a Sophie the Giraffe natural rubber teether that is waiting to be opened on Christmas. I am waiting on a 2 pk. of Vulli Vanilla Teething Rings (made from the same company as Sophie the Giraffe) from Mami's and Papi's. I can not wait until I can see the magic of Sophie the Giraffe work on her hurting gums!


  1. I WISH I had known about these teething necklaces when my son was going thru it. Along with Sophie! I hear so much good about them both and regret never having used them! :) At least I kno for when I have more kids lol

  2. I'm just so glad I found them so early, because I mean my little girl is only 3 months. I am really wanting Christmas to hurry up and get here, so that she can have her Sophie!