Friday, January 21, 2011

Traveling With Your Fluff ♥

           After taking a break from blogging for quite a while, I have decided to write about my experience with cloth diapering on the go. I recently took a trip home to Tennessee for 19 days and did not stop cloth diapering. I was determined to not use disposables for ease while on the plane and in Tennessee. I packed all off my little one's fluff into a medium nike bag and carried it on the plane (I did not want the airport to lose her precious dipes!). Needless to say, overall, it went over well!

           My routine was that I wash every three days, no matter what family member's house I was staying at. The items that I brought with me to make storing and washing easier were two ZipIts wetbags (1 medium and 1 hanging XL), 10 samples of Rockin' Green detergent (7 Classic Rock and 3 Hard Rock), CJ's BUTTer samples (easier to get through airport security), and a peri bottle for water. The reason for the different styles of RNG was because my mother-in-law has hard well water. San Diego has hard water, so I'm quite used to that. My washing routine (for toploaders, I was so excited!!!! I only have a frontloader) was 2 cold/cold rinses, 1 hot/cold heavy wash, and 1 warm/cold rinse. My dipes have never smelled so clean! I love love love Tennessee water! I just wanted to pack it in my pocket and take it home with me.

            Dipes that I brought along with me include BumGenius, FuzziBunz, and Happy Heiny's OS, Econobum, Flip, and Happy Heiny's covers, and prefolds. I wouldn't recommend bringing all that unless you had to, but like I said before, I was staying 19 days (not to mention I wanted to show off all my fluff to the family). The family's favorite were by far the BumGenius diapers, because of the ease of changing the diapers. They had a hard time understanding how the diapers came clean, especially after sitting in the wetbags, but once they came out of the washer, all were assured they were clean!

             The ZipIts wetbags worked like a charm and by far are my FAVORITE wetbags. If you are looking for a wetbag that is well made, stink free, and just feels like absolute quality, this is your wetbag (ZipIts). This WAHM is awesome. She ships fast and it takes her a week to customize your order, make it, and have it to you at your door. I will defiantly be buying from her again. To buy from here click here.

            Sadly I did have a diaper go down. Yes, a fatality :0( . While staying at my granny's house, her dog oreo seemed to really like fluff. So much so that he stole a dirty one from the bathroom while my mother was giving my little one a bath, and ate it!!!! Chewed through the PUL and everything!!! I was so upset. It was our favorite cow print from Happy Heiny's. Oh well, at least that was the only bad thing I have to report. Now I need to head on over to Baby Frenzy to get another cow print, and while I'm at it, the new puppy print.

            Was it a challenge? At times. Will I travel with fluff again? Yes. Best thing that happened at home? Getting to talk about and show my little one's adorable FLUFF!

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